Web design process? Tools used in the web design process?

Web design process

Web design process is an essential part of developing any website. In this article, we will discuss the step by step web design process & tools used in the web design process.

You must have come across my articles on the internet regarding the web design process, Phases of the web design process, steps to design a website & website design process flow. To the best of our knowledge and experience, we will tell you that one single the most important step in detail. If you are a Web designer, Web developer, tech nerd or a Web design client this article is for you. We will also cover the tools used in the web design process.

Web design process includes

  • Website requirements
  • Research
  • Web design phase
  • Web development phase
  • Functional demo
  • Publishing
  • Website optimization & performance test

Website requirements

The first step is to collect the requirements. Gather all necessary information & identify the goals. With no understanding, you won’t be able to design the website. Be confident in asking questions & adding your input. If you are a web designer than feel free to ask as many questions as you can. You can create a questionnaire as well which will give a positive impression to your client. If you are the client then you should express as much as you can. An open discussion will lead to a healthy relationship & a professional website.



These tools are free and easy to use. We use these tools to gather requirements from our web design clients.

Research – The most Important phase which will help you increase Revenues

As we mentioned in our introduction this is the single most important phase in the web design process. This phase needs a lot of attention. This phase revolves around identifying your competitors, Market trends & Consumer behavior. If you are not aware of the competitors, the market trends & the user behavior you are going to end up losing. This research will help you to position your brand/business with a unique selling point.  Thorough research will drive faster results. We at Graphiters, believe the research phase is that single most important phase which will make you stand out. We analyze your top ten competitors, keywords they use, how much the content is optimized, Website speed, SEO scores, Domain authority, Page Authority, Website structure, design elements, Backlinks & almost everything. This gives us a complete insight & we drive Unique selling point (USP) from this research. After the research phase is completed we have a complete understanding of what type of content will work best. We have the idea of how to position it & we have a strategy in our minds for that specific client’s business. We encourage all of you to follow this pattern. A well-design website is of no use if the strategy is not in place.



Website on Installment plan


Web design phase

After completing the strategy the next phase is the Web design phase. In this phase wireframes & mockups are designed. UI designers must come up with three unique design options. For clients, it is important to provide feedback. For designers, it is their job to design an awesome layout. The user experience must be exceptional.



Web development phase

Once the design phase is completed the next phase is the Web development phase. The design is given life using a web developer role. In this phase, you add functionality to the website. For a developer, it is important to code neatly & use best practices to develop a bug-free website.



Functional demo

The next phase is the demo phase. This is the functional demo of the website in which you seek the client’s approval. The demo phase is a much more professional way as compared to publishing the website directly. We at Graphiters, prefer to display the website demo before publishing the website.




Once the website demo is approved, go ahead and publish the website.

Website optimization & performance test

This phase will help you increase traffic, generate leads, Sales and an increase in your revenue. This is the most important phase. In this phase, you will run the website through multiple online tests. Register the site with Google, Set your target Country, Add Google Analytics to your website and fix the issues identified by online optimization tools. You can use multiple online tests to satisfy your clients and to assure that their website is up to mark and meet all standards.




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