Top Ten Mistakes in Graphic Designers Resume

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December 3, 2016

Top Ten mistakes in graphic designer resume

Hello designers! This article will focus on top ten mistakes in graphic designer resume .When looking up for a job designer makes sure to make perfect resume which elevates his chances for getting a job. Graphic designer’s resumes are more fun and creative because they do not solely rely on text, they get more chances to depict their skills through colors and visuals.Employers get piles of submissions every day, so the only way to make your resume shine is to avoid these fatal mistakes.Top Ten mistakes in graphic designers resume are as follow :

1 – Using vivacious designs.

One slip often made by designers is making flashy resumes. They do it to depict their skills but often they overdo it. One should know where to stop. It is ok to use your creativity as long as it does not take away the attention from the necessary details. Some designers intelligently use design to stand out their resume. Do not forget to “keep it simple”.

2 – Using Showy Fonts.

To avoid readability issues designers should wisely choose their font styles that are clear enough, aside from using correct fonts designers should choose the right font size and color so that it does not give a headache to your employer.Use Dafont  to select appropriate fonts.

3 – Using Too Many Color and images.

Some designers find the use of striking colors and images an interesting way of telling about themselves which often leads to distraction, instead of grasping their employer’s attention, they scare them away. Too much colors and images overcrowds your resume. Keeping a balance in a resume is really important. Designers should use light and easy colors for more bright chances of getting noticed.

4 – Failure to show Skills.

When one is so much keen in designing their resume, they often get lost in colors, images and fonts which ultimately fails to highlight their abilities, skills, previous work experiences and achievements. Make sure to mention your abilities and skills first because this is what your employer is looking for and this is what they are going to hire you for.

5 – Fail to show variety of projects in portfolio.

 It is most important for a Graphic designers to have some work in the following categories like branding, illustration, print design, Mobile apps & games and web design. If you have some experience in other categories do mention them featuring few examples. You should show your employer that you are the master of your field and you can handle any project assigned.

6 – Spellings and Grammatical Errors.

 Some designers are very careless about spellings and grammatical mistakes. They think design is all. Well, they are wrong, many clients emphasize on correct use of grammar and spellings.Check your spellings at the end because Grammatical or spelling errors in your resume leaves a very bad impression on your employer.

7 – Mentioning Your Interests That Are Not Design Related.

Mention your interests that are related to design field. There is no need to mention that you like baking or fishing. You do not have to write irrelevant interests

8 – Not paying attention on Layout.

Layout is essential in a resume. Graphic designers can have a creative layout but it should be done in an effective manner & keeping in mind the Principles of graphic design.

9 – Do not lie and be pertinent.

Honesty is the best policy. There are designers who do not hesitate in imitating anybody’s work and deliberately lying about their achievements and projects. I have personally witnessed many people coming forward with somebody else’s work under their name. Your key to the success is just to be honest, concise and to the point.

10 – Double Check Your Resume.

After finishing your resume, take proper time to recheck everything spellings, colors, designs and layout . Sometimes other people ideas are of much greater help to you. At times you fail to notice you’re spelling mistakes which are seen by the others.Keeping these points in mind will really help you to get your dream design job. Avoid these blunders.

11 – Summary

Summary for Top Ten mistakes in Graphic designer resume:

– keep it simple.

– Readable fonts.

– Light and easy colors should be used for more bright chances of getting noticed.

– Make sure to mention your abilities and skills properly.

– Creative portfolio with examples from Print, Web and Apps design.

– Avoid Grammatical or spelling errors.

– Mention interests related to your field

– Pay attention on layout.

– Your key to the success is just to be honest, concise and to the point.

– Double check your resume.

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