Tips and Tricks to Promote Your Android Games

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December 7, 2016
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Tips and Tricks to promote your android games

Let’s just get down to business .Are u a game developer and wondering why your games are not being noticed .Tips and Tricks to Promote Your Android Games are as follow :

1 – App Installation via Facebook Ads:




Get benefit from Facebook ads and make your game viral on the most used social media platform. First 7 days of your game are really important. Suppose your game is in action genre.

-1 thousand downloads on first day leads you to enter Top new released action games

-10 thousand leads to top 20 game in action genre

-20 thousand leads to top 10 games in action genre

Developers with low budgets can use Facebook app install feature to achieve 1000 downloads which will give them a kick start.

2 – Create a Website


Create a website prior to the launch of your game and add complete detail of your in an interesting manner. Upload appealing images of the game, embed your game trailers which instantly grab the attention of the viewers. If you are not aware of web technology we can help you build your online presence. Find more.

3 – Share Trailer & Game-play videos.

Take a look, plug in your headphones and then decide do you want to download the game or not? Visual impact is more effective and long lasting than written description. Create a fascinating and thrilling video of 15-30 seconds and share on social media platforms.

4 – Submit your games to other android stores:


Don’t miss even a minor opportunity and submit your game at multiple app stores.

Few links are as follow


5 – Submit your game on review sites .


The best method to market your app is through content and reviews. There are few review sites that offer paid & free reviews.

6 – Partner with Leading Game Pros


Expand your social and professional networks by joining hands with a leading game developing company. Learn new technical and marketing tactics and give better coverage to your game. Partnership is killing two birds with one stone i.e. huge network and better opportunities of learning.

7 – Summary

Tips and Tricks to promote your android games

  • Use social media platforms
  • Submit game at multiple app stores
  • Submit your game to review sites
  • Show professional aptitude with a website
  • Visual presentation of your game
  • Make partnership and expand your targeted circle


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