Mistakes in graphic designers portfolio

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Mistakes in graphic designers portfolio

A portfolio means a representation of your intellectual prowess and experience you have gained over the years. A comprehensible website portfolio is a vital element which decides as to whether the person viewing your page is going to hire you or not. Whilst making an online presence, there are some points which need to be avoided in order to get remarkable reviews. Previously we discussed Top Ten Mistakes in Graphic Designers Resume. Here in this article, we will be highlighting some Mistakes in graphic designer’s portfolio. Let’s see what mistakes graphic designers make while composing their online presence.

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Now we will look into the mistakes in graphic designers portfolio.

1 – Don’t Brag, Just State:

A good online presence contains bullets and not stories. It should express the work you have done, just the designation and the scope. Save stories for the interview. You can find what to write in a portfolio by reading the following link

2 – Usage of Wrong Typography:

Graphiters.Mistakes in graphic designers portfolio

Sometimes a graphic designer commits the folly of considering a portfolio document as a new project of coral draw and uses wrong typography which is totally unacceptable. Choose the right typography from credible sources.You can find the latest and most sought after typography fonts here.

3 – Extra Usage of Fonts:

Graphiters.com Mistakes in graphic designers portfolio


Avoid the usage of font styles. Choose a single font and keep it uniform throughout the whole document. Widely used are Museo Sans and Railway. You can find a variety of portfolio forms by clicking here. Use dafont for variety of fonts.

4 – Many Don’t Proofread

graphiters.com-Mistakes in graphic designers portfolio


Proofreading is an essential element. It garnishes and polishes your online presence. A graphic designer must take at least 15 minutes to proofread his portfolio because nobody likes to hire a person having seen spelling and grammatical mistakes. You can easily pass your document to cross check on Grammarly

5 –Failing to Mention Shortcuts


Some projects are urgently time-bounded and you have to use shortcuts. If you mention shortcuts in your portfolio, you will have an edge over other applicants. Learn to use shortcuts via Creative Bloq


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