These inspirational Graphic design portfolio will blow your mind -Mistakes in graphic designers portfolio
Mistakes in graphic designers portfolio
January 17, 2017
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February 23, 2017

These inspirational Graphic design portfolio will blow your mind

Graphic design is a vast field of study with further classifications into sub design studies. Students in the design program explore an extensive range of subjects including Web design, Web Development, E-commerce websites, interactive new media, infographics, Mobile Apps and game design, typography, publication and editorial design, branding, identity and a broad range of topics related to illustration, Drawing and marketing collaterals’. Previously we focused on top ten mistakes in graphic designers resume and Mistakes in a graphic designer resume . Today we will share few inspirational graphic design portfolios which will blow your mind & drive you crazy so you jump into the art field and start putting in the real efforts. Graphic designers, Web designers, illustrators, artists & user interface designers must follow for inspiration.

1 – Micheal Flarup design

@flarup is a danish designer, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker. He love making things, going on adventures and telling stories. Flarup is well known for graphic arts like Icon design, interface design and he runs his one-man design studio known as pixel resort, he cofounded other companies Robocat, forges, Apply Pixel, Northplay and few others. graphicdesign


Flarup Portfolio -graphic design


Designers can follow his Graphic work further on his Behance Profile.

2 – Mike – Creative Mints


Mike is a graphic designer from Prague with 12 years of experience. His forte is beautiful and user-orientated graphic design. Mike create logotypes, icons and illustrations. And design websites, applications, games, and user interfaces design. He is running a company named as Creative mints. Creative Mints is a boutique human-centered design agency from Prague specializing in branding, ui and illustration.

Mike Portfolio

Designers can follow his Graphic work further on his Behance Profile


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